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Protective Insurance Corporation (PTVCB)

Protective Insurance Corp, formerly Baldwin & Lyons, Inc., incorporated on August 7, 1930, is a specialty property-casualty insurer providing liability coverage for large and medium-sized trucking and public transportation fleets, as well as coverage for trucking industry independent contractors. Through its divisions and subsidiaries, the Company engages in marketing and underwriting property and casualty insurance, including a limited assumption of risks as a reinsurer of other companies. The Company’s segments include property and casualty insurance, and reinsurance. The property and casualty insurance segment provides multiple line insurance coverage primarily to fleet transportation companies, as well as to independent contractors contracting with fleet transportation companies. The Company also provides workers’ compensation coverage to small businesses.

The Company’s insurance subsidiaries provide a range of fleet transportation insurance, such as Commercial motor vehicle liability, physical damage and general liability insurance; workers’ compensation insurance; specialized accident (medical and indemnity) insurance for independent contractors of trucking concerns; non-trucking motor vehicle liability insurance for independent contractors; fidelity and surety bonds, and Inland Marine insurance consisting principally of cargo insurance. The Company also performs a range of additional services for its insured’s, including risk surveys and analyses, safety program design and monitoring, government compliance assistance, loss control and cost studies, and research, development and consultation in connection with new insurance programs, including development of systems to assist customers in monitoring their accident data. It also provides claims handling services primarily to clients with self-insurance programs.

Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NTGN)

We are a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company and a leader in the field of
neoantigen-targeted therapies, dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer
by directing the immune system towards neoantigens. Genetic mutations, which are
a hallmark of cancer, can result in specific immune targets called neoantigens.
The presence of neoantigens in cancer cells and their absence in normal cells
makes them compelling, untapped targets for cancer therapy. By directing the
immune system towards these targets, we believe our neoantigen-targeted
therapies will offer a new level of patient and tumor specificity in the field
of cancer immunotherapy that will drive a strong risk-benefit profile to
dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Our ambition is to lead a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer patients
towards an era of truly personal immuno-oncology therapies.  

Pinduoduo Inc. (PDD)

We are an innovative and fast growing “new e-commerce” platform that
provides buyers with value-for-money merchandise and fun and interactive
shopping experiences. Our Pinduoduo mobile platform offers a comprehensive
selection of attractively priced merchandise, featuring a dynamic social
shopping experience that leverages social networks as an effective and efficient
tool for buyer acquisition and engagement. As a result of our innovative
business model, we have been able to quickly expand our buyer base and establish
our brand recognition and market position. We are one of the leading Chinese
e-commerce players in terms of GMV and the number of total orders. Our GMV in
2017 and the twelve-month period ended June 30, 2018 was RMB141.2 billion and
RMB262.1 billion (US$41.8 billion), respectively. In 2017 and the twelve-month
period ended June 30, 2018, the number of total orders placed on our Pinduoduo
mobile platform reached 4.3 billion and 7.5 billion, respectively.  

Focus Financial Partners Inc. (FOCS)

We are a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management
firms operating in the highly fragmented RIA industry, with a footprint of over
50 partner firms across the country. We have achieved this market leadership by
positioning ourselves as the partner of choice for many firms in an industry
where a number of secular trends are driving RIA consolidation. Our partner
firms primarily service high net worth individuals and families by providing
highly differentiated and comprehensive wealth management services. Our partner
firms benefit from our intellectual and financial resources, operating in a
scaled business model with aligned interests, while retaining their
entrepreneurial culture and independence.  

Cue Biopharma, Inc. (CUE)

We are an innovative biopharmaceutical company developing a novel and
proprietary class of biologic drugs for the selective modulation of the human
immune system to treat a broad range of cancers and autoimmune disorders. We
believe our innovative CUE Biologics(TM) platform approach to selectively modulate
disease relevant T cells, provides a transformative solution to the challenges
facing prevailing immunotherapeutics. By directly engaging and modulating
disease relevant T cells in the patient’s body via an injectable drug, we
believe our biologic drug candidates will be able to realize the true potential
of immune modulation. Through our proprietary CUE Biologics(TM) platform, we
believe we are uniquely positioned to become a prominent and leading player in
immunotherapy, immuno-oncology, and autoimmune disease.