Culp, Inc. (CULP)

Culp, Inc. manufacturers, sources, and markets mattress fabrics and sewn covers
used for covering mattresses and foundations and other bedding products; and
upholstery fabrics, including cut and sewn kits, primarily used in production of
upholstered furniture. The company competes in a fashion-driven business, and we
strive to differentiate ourselves by placing sustained focus on product
innovation and creativity. In addition, Culp places great emphasis on providing
creative designs, along with excellent and dependable service to our customers.
Our focused efforts to protect our financial strength have allowed us to
maintain our position as a financially stable and trusted supplier of innovative
fabrics to bedding and furniture manufacturers.

We believe Culp is the largest producer of mattress fabrics in North America and
one of the largest marketers of upholstery fabrics for furniture in North
America, measured by total sales.  

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