Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NTGN)

We are a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company and a leader in the field of
neoantigen-targeted therapies, dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer
by directing the immune system towards neoantigens. Genetic mutations, which are
a hallmark of cancer, can result in specific immune targets called neoantigens.
The presence of neoantigens in cancer cells and their absence in normal cells
makes them compelling, untapped targets for cancer therapy. By directing the
immune system towards these targets, we believe our neoantigen-targeted
therapies will offer a new level of patient and tumor specificity in the field
of cancer immunotherapy that will drive a strong risk-benefit profile to
dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Our ambition is to lead a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer patients
towards an era of truly personal immuno-oncology therapies.  

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