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General Dynamics Corporation, an aerospace and defense company, provides business aviation; combat vehicles, weapons systems, and munitions; military and commercial shipbuilding; and communications and information technology products and services worldwide. Its Aerospace group designs, manufactures, and outfits various large and mid-cabin business-jet aircraft; provides maintenance, repair work,....More>>>

General Dynamics Corporation (GD)

General Dynamics Corporation provides business aviation, combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions, military and commercial shipbuilding, and communications and information technology products and services worldwide. Its Aerospace group offers mid-size and large-cabin business-jet aircraft, as well as provides maintenance, refurbishment, outfitting, and aircraft services for business-jet, narrow-body,....More>>>

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Stocks Rise As the Fed Raises Rates
U.S. equities climbed again on Wednesday as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and penciled in another three quarter-point hikes for 2018. Policymakers pointed to an expected pickup in GDP growth, ongoing strength in the labor market and the s...Read More>>>

Fed Raises Short-Term Rates, Suggests 3 More Hikes Next Year
How 8 Families Would Fare Under Congress’ 2 Tax Bills Americo Introduces a Single-Premium Immediate LTCI Policy 5 LTC Thoughts From a Top Nationwide Executive The Federal Reserve raised short-term rates 0.25% in its last policymaking meeting for...Read More>>>

Three Reasons Amazon Is Making The Fed Irrelevant
Shutterstock The world obsesses too much over the Federal Reserve. As I wrote in August, the power to control inflation has shifted from the Fed to Amazon. This is not to say that the Fed is completely irre...Read More>>>

Will the new tax plan mean the end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it?
While there has been much talk about how the historic $1.5 trillion in pending tax cuts will spur the economy and drive new job growth, the real legacy of tax reform may be to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Long a target of fiscal co...Read More>>>

AutoZone: Headed To All-Time Highs
As the excessively negative market sentiment against retail appears to be fading, the best of breed retailers are the first to recover. For the auto parts industry, AutoZone (NYSE:AZO) is a clear winner. The company is more efficient than ever, more ...Read More>>>