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Swedish Export Credit Corp is a Sweden-based company engaged in the provision of financial solutions for the private and public sectors with the aim of promoting the development and international competitiveness of the Swedish industry and trade. The Company’s business activities are structured into three segments: the Financing segment includes corporate banking, export finance, trade finance,....More>>>

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100% Legal “Hacking” for Life-Changing Profits
In just two decades, the internet has evolved from a technological curiosity to one of the biggest drivers of wealth and global commerce the world has ever seen.And our credit card numbers and bank accounts aren’t the only pieces of critical person...Read More>>>

How To Invest In Electronic Arts Following The Disastrous Release Of Star Wars Battlefront 2
Several months ago, I published an article about how I believed that Electronic Arts Inc.'s (EA) financial performance in the upcoming quarters would be contingent upon the release of its blockbuster action title, Star Wars Battlefront 2. In comparis...Read More>>>

[MARKET ALERT]: You Can't AFFORD to Ignore This Message
For years, Wall Street has tried to nail down a way to profit from how the public views a specific investment. How can we know what the masses are going to invest in before they do it?Fifteen years ago, we had no way of knowing what the public really...Read More>>>

First Look At Camposol's $345 Million IPO
Quick Take Camposol Holding Plc (CMPO) intends to float its common stock in a $345 million combined IPO offering, according to an F-1 registration statement. The company is a vertically integrated producer of off-season fresh produce and seafood t...Read More>>>

How to “Tap” Profits From This Strange Chart
I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few stock charts in your day.You might even draw trendlines or use some fancy trade triggers if you’re the adventurous type. After all, there are countless generic, ready-to-use “indicators” available on the...Read More>>>