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Intelligent Content Enterprises Inc. (ICEIF)

Intelligent Content Enterprises Inc. (ICE) is a media and Internet company that focuses on the experience of the user, creating brands, products and destinations globally, regionally and by language providing an informative, entertaining and engaging look at content. The Company focuses on Content Distribution, Creation, Management, Advertising services and Technologies. Its business units comprise Digital Widget Factory Inc. and ICE Studio Productions Inc. Through its intelligent content technology, ICE’s DWF platform evaluates user engagement and site follow through and based on those assessments recommends, which content channels achieve the popularity standards of a standalone DWF site and then recommends their launch to the expanding portfolio of DWF Websites and can push content, including video throughout the portfolio. Digital Widget Factory Inc.’s primary Web and mobile site offering, www.digiwidgy.com, provides daily content on various news and entertainment-based subjects.

News about ICEIF

Intelligent Content Enterprises (ICEIF) at the Paradigm Shift of TV Shows
In hindsight, June's news from Intelligent Content Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS:ICEIF) should come as no surprise. In May the organization announced it was buying Catch Star Studios LLC for the purpose of creating its own sports-related television shows...Read More>>>

Intelligent Content Enterprises (ICEIF) Solves the Problem Digital Advertisiers Struggle to Grasp
In May of this year, at the annual Collision Conference, advertising and media executives of the world's biggest traffic-oriented (and ad-supported) websites asked themselves a crucial question: How do we save online advertising from itself? The ...Read More>>>

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Just Validated Everything Intelligent Content Enterprises (ICEIF) is Doing
If there was any doubt that the future of video as a digital medium was here to stay, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) just wiped that doubt away. It's going to open up its video-sharing platform to anyone -- not just vetted creators with huge followings -- a...Read More>>>