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Luxoft Holding, Inc. (LXFT)

Luxoft Holding, Inc. is a provider of software development services and information technology solutions to a client base consisting of multinational corporations. The Company’s software development services consist of custom software development and support, product engineering and testing, and technology consulting. Its products and platforms include Horizon, SuperCloud, Twister, iStockTrack,....More>>>

News about LXFT

Luxoft - Growth At A Discount
Luxoft Holding (LXFT) saw a huge downward move after reporting earnings on August 11th. We think the market overreacted to the temporary drop in profitability, forgetting about the future growth potential and the efforts underway to grow some of its ...Read More>>>

Luxoft Holding Delivers a Quarterly Win"
Luxoft Holding (NYSE:LXFT) announced strong fiscal fourth-quarter results on Monday, after the market closed. Similar to its modest post-earnings drop in February, shares of the software development specialist fell 3.6% on Tuesday as investors abso...Read More>>>