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Noah Holdings Limited (NOAH)

Noah Holdings Limited is a wealth management service provider with a focus on global wealth investment and asset allocation services for high net worth individuals and enterprises in China. The Company operates through three segments: wealth management, asset management and Internet finance. It also provides Internet finance services to clients in China. It provides direct access to China’s....More>>>

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Parents to Congress: My child depends on CHIP for health insurance
Hazel Hoffman is only five years old, but her medical bills are already through the roof. The little girl suffers from a form of epilepsy that has sent her to the hospital multiple times with severe seizures. Her medications alone cost more than $1,5...Read More>>>

Tools to tackle your own savings crisis
If you're like most Americans, you're not saving enough. While there have been some improvements over the past few years in Americans' household savings, we're still among the worst savers in the industrialized world. Around 44% of adults say...Read More>>>

10 Best Stocks I Wish I Bought in 2017
itemprop="description"> Care to guess how many stocks have gained 30% or more so far in 2017? According to Finviz.com, out of 1,747 stocks with a market cap of $2 billion or higher, 555 have delivered YTD performance of 30% or more. Naturally, as 2...Read More>>>

Bill Gates’ Favorite Tax Trick…
“I don’t know how to tell you this, brother. But your engine is completely toast!”That was the cheery diagnosis I received from my new out-of-town mechanic. This, after my 18-year-old son broke down on his way to my brother’s ...Read More>>>

PayPal Enters the Robo-Advisory Business
12 Best Small Cities for Successful Aging: 2017 Trump's CMS Posts 2018 Medicare Premiums 6 Things That Worry Greg Valliere PayPal, the electronic payments firm, is entering the robo-advisory business. It has announced a new arrangement with Acorns...Read More>>>