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Posera Ltd. (PRRSF)

POSERA Ltd., formerly Posera-HDX Ltd., is a Canada-based company, which is engaged in the business of managing merchant transactions with consumers and facilitating payments. The Company develops and deploys touch screen point-of-sale (POS) system software and associated enterprise management tools. The Company operates in POS and Payments segments. The Company also provides system hardware integration....More>>>

News about PRRSF

Posera Takes SecureTablePay One Step Further
Just before Christmas, small cap Posera Ltd (OTCMKTS: PRRSF; TSX: PAY) announced the completion of certification with First Data Corp (NYSE: FDC), a global leader in commerce-enabling technology, for Posera’s pay-at-the-table solution, SecureTableP...Read More>>>

Bitcoin is a Bubble But Blockchain is a Real Technology
Bitcoin is starting to look like the mother of all bubbles – or at least the biggest one since the subprime, dot.com, beanie babies, South Sea and Tulipmania bubbles. However, its important to point out that while the bitcoin bubble will likely ...Read More>>>

Posera Ltd. Collaboration with Shift4 Increases Value for Consumers and Vendors
In recent weeks we've been talking about the impact of blockchain technology on industries outside the financial sector and how this technology is enhancing security for both consumers and vendors. In keeping with this trend, and c...Read More>>>

Posera's Smart Move in Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has been garnering more and more attention in recent months, due primarily to its inherent structure in Bitcon, the crypto currency that is changing the way we as a society think about money and security. In case...Read More>>>

Small Cap Blockchain Stocks Are Taking Off
Blockchain stocks appear to be the next big thing (or bubble) to trade with pure play blockchain stock Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT) closing up 47.59% on Friday and rising by a double digit percentage in premarket trading this morning while smal...Read More>>>