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UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH)

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated provides healthcare services in the United States. Its Health Benefits segment offers consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services to national employers, public sector employers, mid-sized employers, small businesses, and individuals; and non-employer based insurance options for purchase by individuals. It also provides health and well-being services for individuals....More>>>

News about UNH

FuelCell Arrives At The Port Of Long Beach
FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ:FCEL) has made recent headlines because of its new Exxon (XOM) backed Carbon Capture Sequestration by fuel cells. Major upcoming catalysts include Tri-Generation at the ports, Storage, and maybe the tax bill. The long-term cat...Read More>>>

Mondelez Not On Track To Adjust To Changing Consumer Preferences
Financial Statement Analysis (Fall 2017) Final Report on Mondelez International (NASDAQ: MDLZ) Picture Credit: Wikipedia Analyst Team Members: Emily Abraham Macy Huang Eila Motley Charlene Shu 1. Executive Summary Mondelez International Inc. (NA...Read More>>>

Microsoft, UnitedHealth Lead DJIA Higher Friday
December 8, 2017: Markets opened higher Friday following a very solid report on non-farm payroll gains. Next week’s FOMC meeting is expected to raise the federal funds rate again. Telecom and healthcare were sector leaders today while materials...Read More>>>

Behind The Scenes Value In TE Connectivity
By Oisin Breen, Research In line with previous articles we've written, and paraphrasing Buffett, it's always interesting to consider investing behind the things you know. This article, motivated by a curiosity into firms supporting the deep-sea cable...Read More>>>

Bitcoin vs history's biggest bubbles: They never end well
Is the bitcoin boom about to turn into one of history's biggest busts? The digital currency's massive surge this year -- it's up more than 1,400% -- has all the hallmarks of a huge speculative bubble, according to people such as Warren Buffett. ...Read More>>>